This is a simple Orchard module which enables remote page creation and management using apps that support static page management via an XML-RPC supportsPages capability - like Windows Live Writer (WLW).

In order for an app like WLW to detect your site you'll need to have a blog created and the remote blog management feature enabled so you have a blog to point the app too (even if you don't use or link to the blog on the site). I'll look into making the blog creation bit optional in the future, but for now this does the trick.

Known issues with the in-app date display

This is an early release that should work well but it could have some quirks.

One such "quirk", because of Windows Live Writer (WLW) at least, is that the created date (date_created_gmt) returned for every page is back dated a day so all of the pages will look to have been created a day before they actually were.

The reason for this is that WLW does recognize the created date as GMT but it seems to see it as a local time when deciding on whether or not to display the page in the list of pages from the server. It won't show pages created in the future. It appears to see the date created as local time when showing the list of pages. It doesn't show pages touched between now and your time zone offset if you have a negative offset.

Because of this interesting behavior I've (temporarily) set the created date to -1 day in the data returned for the XML-RPC request. This doesn't affect the date elsewhere in the system so it should only be a bit annoying when managing pages from a client app.

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